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• Worship – God-centered worship from the heart in obedience to His Word.
• Prayer – is the essential foundation for all effective ministry.
• God’s Word – Preaching and teaching with doctrinal integrity and cultural relevance.
• Evangelism – Lost people matter to God and must matter to His church.
• Discipleship – is the process by which disciples grow in the Lord Jesus Christ and are equipped by the Holy Spirit to become more like Christ.
• Fellowship – Authentic and loving relationships are essential to spiritual growth and health.
• Ministry – God has called every Christian to utilize his/her spiritual gift(s) in ministry.
• Outreach – The church most visibly evidences the love of Christ by ministering with compassion and care to the poor, sick, hurting, lonely, rejected and forgotten people of the world.

Living Word-Centered Lives
Jesus Christ is the incarnate Word, the Son of God sent to earth as a fully-human man. The Bible is the inspired Word, the truth of God sent to man through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We seek to live our lives centered around the Living and Written Word of God. How do we do that? We:
• Read the Word
• Pray the Word
• Sing the Word
• See the Word (baptism and Lord’s Supper)
• Send the Word (Church Planting & Missions)
• Share the Word (Discipleship, which includes evangelism)
• Show the Word (Service)